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About Us at Paarl

Paarl is a site promoting Paarl as a destination of choice in the Boland Winelands. We have put up this site because we believe that Paarl is beautiful vibrant town, full ofpeople with friendly country hospitality, that needs to be promoted as a destination well worth visiting.

Our Paarl Site has been up for a year now and has attracted many users who are looking for accommodation, restaurants, wine farms and vineyards, and particularly many Western Cape and Boland locals looking for a particular business or service in town.

We have endeavoured to include on our Paarl site all tourist and business establishments in Paarl with a free listing, no small task I assure you, which even after a year, is still an ongoing process.

We want people to know what Paarl has to offer, that in fact Paarl has everything to offer locals and tourists as any other town or city in the Western Cape, barring the sea of course, and that Paarl is a wonderful location to base a visit to the Cape, as everything else in the greater Western Cape is really only a hour or two traveling time from country environment of Paarl.

Though we live and work in Paarl's little sister town of Franschhoek and have a similar site to Paarl here called Franschhoek At Your Fingertips - www.franschhoek.co.za , we often travel to Paarl for shopping and business purposes, as Franschhoek is indeed a small town with limited shopping facilities.

We have also linked Paarl to our Franschhoek site so that the thousands of visitors to the Franschhoek site can quickly move to Paarl if they cannot find what they are looking for or need in Franschhoek.

We believe in promoting Paarl, and we believe that the many tourist establishments and businesses in Paarl should be promoting their town of Paarl as well. We did not put up the site to make a ton of money or exploit the businesses and tourists establishments for the purpose of making lots of money. That is why we have gone to great lengths and expense to list everyone for free.

Nevertheless we do need to sustain ourselves in the endeavour of promoting this wonderful town of Paarl. That is why we are offering really low rates for detailed advertising, because we want the businesses and tourist establishments to be part of promoting their beautiful town.

An endless list of businesses is, according to internet research, not a very good reflection of a town, whereas detailed information with eye catching pictures gives a true reflection of a town. Endles one liner lists are frustrating to users, but detailed well presented information has the potential to convert the information seeker into a customer or client.

It also shows that the people of the town are interested in promoting their town and are proud to be part of the initiative. Internet research shows that appealing sites with loads of information means, not only more visitors to the site, but also more visitors to the town. It also shows that the more information that is on a site, the more local internet users begin to use the site as well as a repository of information.

We at Paarl represent internet users who like to find information as quickly as possible as opposed to long searches on Google or other search engines trying to find the information we are looking for.

Our goal at Paarl is to give internet users the ability to find everything they need in Paarl on one site.

So we invite the businesses and tourist establishments to come on board in the interests of promoting the town of Paarl. As we mentioned our annual advertising rates are cheap for this very purpose, of joining in the promotion of Paarl.

Indeed our annual rate for our smallest offering is really the price of a dinner for two at one of Paarl's many restaurants.

Our advertising rates can be viewed here...

Lastly Paarl is here to stay on the and will continue to promote the delightful town of Paarl in the interest of internet users, whether businesses or tourist establishments care about doing so or not.

We will do everything we can to promote this town, even at our own expense, with or without the multitude of establishments and businesses contributing to this endevour, because we believe in what we are doing, we have the best interests of Paarl at heart, and simply because, in our biased opinion we think Paarl is a great little town, well worth promoting and we just love it.